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Brandon Plank


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Name: Brandon Plank

Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Professional student and couch comfortablity tester

Age: 26

Style of music: tech/deep house; techno... basically anything that's funky, trippy, loud and pisses old people off.

First Record(s): Mr Lee- "Get Busy" and Musto & Bonez- "Dangerous On the Dancefloor" 

Got into partying/clubs: In 1990 because that's the only place I could listen to techno and hip house.  Not to mention all the chicks had nice boobs. 

Pet peeve: When kids spend more time putting who they've "played with the likes of" and "shared turntables" with.  Who cares?  Your music and presentation should speak for itself.

Interesting fact: You can usually find Brandon at a club or bar, complaining to his friends that his records are "cooler" and how he can't stand anthem trance.... or any trance for that matter(unless it's Psy/Goa).

Fact #2: Brandon is also known for his expert goat herding skills and can be found yearly at the "Shelmsford on Hox Herding Championships".  It's a festival laden with beer, men and goats.  baaaaa (and if you beleive that, I've got some beachfront property in Kansas that I'm DYING to show you)

In summation:  Vote Quimby

Current DJ mixes available are:

  • "Something To Relax To"- deep techno/house
  • "Check The Tech"- deep/tech house
  • "NorthSoul"- tech house
  • "Live @ Spring Fever- 4/7/01"- techno & discohouse

For more info on release/remix/production info, if you want to harrass or just talk some shit, you can contact him at: or


All Time Top 10

1. Armando- 100% of Dissin you
2. DJ Fiasco- Call the Doctor
3. Prana- Dream
4. Earth People- Dance
5. DBX- Phreek
6. Jackmaster- Bang the Box
7. Pal Joey- Runaround
8. DJ Sneak- Work It
9. Endangered Species- Just a Memory
10. Steve Poindexter- Work that Muthafucka