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Past DJ Dates
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06/08/96- "The Next Level"- Pete Prod (San Francisco, CA)
11/08/96- "Funk Phenomena"- B2theroots (Sacramento, CA)
03/01/97- "Bounce to This"- Pete Prod (San Francisco, CA)
02/19/98- "ten80"- NCCA (Sacramento, CA)
07/10/98- "Beginning"- New Era (San Francisco, CA)
07/22/98- "Inferno"- Versatile (Sacramento, CA)
08/12/98- "Inferno"- Versatile (Sacramento, CA)
08/15/98- "Saturday Night Fever"- U-Neek (Reno, NV)
09/25/98- "Euphoria"- SSU (Davis, CA)
11/13/98- "Five Alive!"- MSP (Incline Village, NV)
11/27/98- "Millenium"- Platinum (Sacramento, CA)
12/19/98- "End is here"- The Amazon (Sacramento, CA)
12/25/98- "Holiday"- Elec Co. (Sacramento, CA)
12/26/98- "Fun House"-P&P (Sacramento, CA)
12/31/98- "Stardust"- Just Us Kids (Sacramento, CA)
01/23/99- "Back 2 Basics"- MSP (Reno, NV)
01/24/99- "Aftermath"- MSP (Reno, NV)
02/12/99- "Reception"- Nevr Brok (Sacramento, CA)
03/15/99- "The City"- Regan (Sacramento, CA)
04/17/99- "ten80 2/Nightworld"- NCCA (Sacramento, CA)
04/24/99- "ET&J's Bday"- Euphoric (Sacramento, CA)
05/02/99- "Session Sundays"- Elec Co (Sacramento, CA)
05/07/99- "Silo"- Diggler (Sacramento, CA)
06/26/99- "Aftermath"- Diggler (Sacramento, CA)
02/18/00- "Rewind 16 afterparty"- Triad (Denver, CO)
02/24/00- "Nuovodisko"- BPSB (Denver, CO)
04/08/00- "Glass Elevator"- Yellow 69 Prod (Boulder, CO)
04/10/00- "There was House"- Nuovodisko (Denver, CO)
06/10/00- "GLOW"- BASIC (Denver, CO)
06/13/00- "The Globe"(club)- Superstar (Denver, CO)
06/23/00- "Funktions"- BASIC (Denver, CO)
06/27/00- "The Globe"(club)- Superstar (Denver, CO)
07/01/00- "Animal Farm"- 5th Galaxy (Milwaukee, WI)
07/11/00- "The Globe"(club)- Superstar (Denver, CO)
07/14/00- "PLUR at it's Peak"- Prodigal (Vail, CO)
07/18/00- "The Globe"(club)- Superstar (Denver, CO)
07/21/00- "Hometown Heros"- Escape (Denver, CO)
08/05/00- "Sunfest 2000"- Roofless (Denver, CO)
08/25/00- "Club Silk"- SILK (Colorado Springs, CO)
08/26/00- "SMILE"- BASIC (Denver, CO)
08/29/00- "The Globe"(club)- Superstar (Denver, CO)
09/08/00- "Goes Renegade"- Yellow 69 Prod (Boulder, CO)
10/06/00- "Just Breathe"- Echobass (KC, MO)
10/07/00- "Main Event Round 3"- Together Prod(Denver, CO)
10/20/00- "Tribology101"- MSU (Casper, WY)
10/21/00- "Moonshine Over America"- Together (Denver, CO)
10/28/00- "Funkin Pumpkin"- BASIC (Denver, CO)
11/17/00- "Gobble Gobble"- MSU (Casper, WY)
11/21/00- "Fuzzy"- Protege (Denver, CO)
11/25/00- "Freaky Deaky Dance III"- BASIC (Denver, CO)
11/26/00- "Freaky Deaky Afterparty"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
11/28/00- "Fuzzy"- Protege (Denver, CO)
12/02/00- "Phat Zoop 4"- Zoop (Rapid City, SD)
12/09/00- "FS2"- Bounce (Rapid City, SD)
12/15/00- "Equilibrium"- Elation (Boulder, CO)
12/26/00- "PLAY" BASIC (Boulder, CO)
12/31/00- "Sugar Spectacular"- MAD Prod (Boulder, CO)
01/02/01- "PLAY"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
01/05/01- "Winter Wonderland"- Mobile Uni (Casper, WY)
01/19/01- "Luau"- Yellow 69 Prod (Boulder, CO)
01/23/01- "Play"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
01/26/01- "House Party"- T&T (Denver, CO)
02/04/01- "Afterparty"- Imago Dei (Denver, CO)
02/09/01- "Lessons Of Love"- Skoold (Boulder, CO)
02/13/01- "PLAY"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
02/16/01- "Vinyl Fantasies"- Prodigal (Boulder, CO)
02/20/01- "PLAY"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
02/27/01- "PLAY"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
03/03/01- "Tanzwuth"- Ill pumanaughty (Rapid City, SD)
03/13/01- "PLAY"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
03/16/01- "BDB2001"- BASIC (Denver, CO)
03/17/01- "Break Free"-- EVENT CANCELLED
03/31/01- "Syn's House"- Synethesia (Denver, CO)
04/03/01- "PLAY"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
04/06/01- "Progression Sessions"- BASIC (Denver, CO)
04/07/01- "Spring Fever"- MAD Prods (Denver, CO)
04/17/01- "PLAY"- BASIC (Boulder, CO)
04/20/01- "Definition"- Tribe23 @ NICK'S (Boulder, CO)
04/21/01- "Back Underground"- Iris Kids (Denver, CO)
04/26/01- "Pure Madness"- MAD Prod @ PURE (Denver, CO)
04/27/01- "FOAM"- Yellow 69 Prod (Boulder, CO)
04/28/01- "Nips and Lips"- T&T (Denver, CO)
05/05/01- "Wild Things"- Synesthesia (Boulder, CO)
05/18/01- "PMPalace(club)- (Pueblo, CO)
05/19/01- "POB"- SKOOLD (Boulder, CO)
05/25/01- "Mayhem"- Coloradorave (Pueblo, CO)
05/26/01- "Deeper"- YouKnowMeProd- EVENT CANCELLED
05/27/01- "MTN RAVE day 1"- SP3/Mallurd (Mt Evans, CO)
05/28/01- "MTN RAVE day 2"- SP3/Mallurd (Mt Evans, CO)
06/08/01- "Kitchen Madness"- MAD (Denver, CO)
06/15/01- Birthday event for Brandon/Richard/Cristi
06/16/01- "Asylum"- Innerspace (Mountain Party in CO)
06/22/01- "Eternal Fridays"- TRACKS2000 (Denver, CO)
06/23/01- "Assemble"- TRUST (North WY)
06/24/01- "Assemble"- TRUST (North WY)
06/30/01- "Energy"- Intervention (Seattle, WA)
07/05/01- "PureMadness"- MAD PRODS (Denver, CO)
07/06/01- "Preparty for 2Outrageous"- (Vancouver, CAN)
07/07/01- "2Outrageous"- Selekta (Vancouver, CAN)
07/20/01- "Eternal Fridays"- TRACKS2000 (Denver, CO)
07/21/01- "Aural Fixation"- LGN Prod (Denver, CO)
07/22/01- "Sunday Skoold"- SKOOLD(club) (Denver, CO)
07/22/01- "Annex of Soul"- MHHP (Denver, CO)
07/27/01- "Eternal Fridays"- TRACKS2000 (Denver, CO)
08/04/01- "Scandellous"- Slip Disc (Rapid City, SD)
08/10/01- "Hip Tuggin"- Radiovalve (Boulder, CO)
08/12/01- "Recovery"- PURE (Denver, CO)
08/13/01- "Technician"- Eternal Beats (Denver, CO)
08/18/01- "Ultimatum"- Silent Prod. (Ft Collins, CO)
08/24/01- "Natural Selection"(closing set)- Seraphim (Denver, CO)
08/24/01- "HOME" Ryan Dykstra Nightlife(Denver, CO)
09/04/01- "Canibus"- SP3/Mallurd (Denver, CO)
09/07/01- "Unnamed"- Mountain Rave in CO
09/08/01- "Skylab 2001"- Together Prod. (CO Springs, CO)
09/14/01- "For the Right Reasons"- Mountain Rave in CO
09/15/01- Private Party for Synesthesia
09/22/01- "SUNFEST 2001"- Roofless (Denver, CO)
09/28/01- "Equinox Day 1"- SP3 (Pueblo, CO)
09/29/01- "Equinox Day 2"- SP3 (Pueblo, CO)
10/02/01- "Canibus"- SP3/Mallurd (Denver, CO)
10/05/01- Private Party
10/05/01 through 10/22/01- IN THE STUDIO
10/23/01- "Mallurd Vs The Dawgs"- SP3/Mallurd (Denver, CO)
10/26/01- Private Halloween Party (Denver, CO)
10/27/01- "Halloween Massacre"- B52's (Denver, CO)--HAD TO CANCEL, I GOT THE FLU :(
11/02/01- "Halloween Havok"- S&M Prods. (Pueblo, CO)
11/07/01- "Wired Wednesdays"- PartyZone (CO Springs, CO)
11/09/01- "Caution"- You Know Me Prod. (Denver, CO)
11/14/01- "Wired Wednesdays"- PartyZone (CO Springs, CO)
11/23/01- "Carbon"- Triad Dragons (CO Springs, CO)
12/05/01- "Wired Wednesdays"- Digital G (CO Springs, CO)
12/14/01- Private Party- Denver, CO
12/15/01- Private Party- Denver, CO
12/18/01- Canis Imoralis- Mallurd (Denver, CO)
12/30/01- "Sugar Spectacular PT 2"- RD Nightlife (Denver, CO)
01/16/02- "Wired Wednesdays"- Digital G- (CO Springs, CO)
01/19/02- "Kitchen Madness"- G&B (Boulder, CO)
01/23/02- "Wired Wednesdays"- Digital G- (CO Springs, CO)
01/26/02- Private Party- (Boulder, CO)
02/02/02- "Wrinkle In Time"- EnerGen Prod. (Denver, CO)
02/09/02- Private Party- (Denver, CO)
02/15/02- "Cruel Luv"- S&M Prods. (Pueblo, CO)
02/21/02- "PURE"- Ryan Dykstra Nightlife (Denver, CO)
02/22/02- Private Party- (Denver, CO)
03/16/02- "For the Right Reasons"- FTRR (Denver, CO)
05/11/02- "FATRR"- (Denver, CO)
05/16/02- "AREA 51"- (Boulder, CO)
06/01/02- "Wind in the Door"- EnerGen (Colorado)
07/26/02- "Badlands Electronic Music Festival"- Slipdisc (Rapid City, SD)
07/27/02- "Badlands Electronic Music Festival"- Slipdisc (Rapid City, SD)
07/28/02- "Badlands Electronic Music Festival"- Slipdisc (Rapid City, SD)
08/03/02- "FATRR@ SONAR"- fatrr (Ft. Collins, CO)
12/07/02- FUSION LIFE store appearance (Denver, CO)
12/07/02- "Chi-town Sessions"- FATRR (Denver, CO)
01/25/03- "Selekta Session"- (Chicago, IL)